The Defining Decade

The Defining Decade

The Defining Decade

In THE DEFINING DECADE, Dr. Meg Jay illustrates why the 20’s are the most critical period of adulthood. This is the easiest and best time to set the roots for the life we want, yet so many are throwing it away with misguided notions like “30 is the new 20”. Jay connects tales from her clinical experience to hard science and shows what we have to gain from being intentional about life and love in our early adult years.

Dr. Jay’s ideas perfectly align with Goodwin Davis. We believe that actions taken in the 20’s are so critical to an optimal life that we’re preparing our kids for these decisions years in advance. Her book provides strong reinforcement that the work we’re doing is important and can have an endless impact on the lives of our members.

This book is a valuable resource for parents and teens alike. It will help you understand that it’s normal to endure more stress, doubt, and anxiety during early adulthood. There are also proven ways to face these challenges and come out ahead. We highly recommend this text to better understand the benefits you can look forward to when you’re equipped to face anything that life throws your way.

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Notable Quotes:

“These are the years when it will be easiest to start the lives we want. And no matter what we do, the twenties are an inflection point— the great reorganization— a time when the experiences we have disproportionately influence the adult lives we will lead.”

“No matter how smoothly this goes, late bloomers will likely never close the gap between themselves and those who got started earlier. This leaves many thirty- and fortysomethings feeling as if they have ultimately paid a surprisingly high price for a string of random twentysomething jobs. Midlife is when we may realize that our twentysomething choices cannot be undone. Drinking and depression can enter from stage left.”

As a twentysomething, life is still more about potential than proof. Those who can tell a good story about who they are and what they want leap over those who can’t.”

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