Growth Mindset: Getting Started


The art of listening and adapting on the fly

What is the power of understanding exactly how to turn any weakness into a strength? It is an open door to limitless possibilities. Your challenge becomes knowing who you are so that you’ll know what to pursue.

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Going Deeper

What is the value of Improvisation?

Your progress in the program, and in life, boils down to a simple question:

Are you born with talent or can talent be learned?

If you believe your basic abilities in areas such as intelligence, athleticism, writing, art, music, creativity, and so on are determined and limited by your genetics, then you are said to operate with a Fixed Mindset.

If you believe these core abilities can be developed and improved by anyone, then you are said to have the Growth Mindset.

Goodwin Davis believes in the Growth Mindset, and it’s the cornerstone concept for all of our instruction. We were surprised to discover that any trait can be vastly improved by any individual that consistently practices the right way over long periods of time.

We have two goals for our players:

  1. Understand and internalize the Growth Mindset
  2. Make informed decisions on which talents to develop

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Challenge #1

Name 3 skills you previously thought couldn’t be improved.

Challenge #2

Name one thing you believe you’re currently “bad” at, that you would like to spend time to pursue greatness.

Challenge #3

Greatness is possible for any skill, but only with extraordinary amounts of time and effort. How will you decide what skills are worth pursuit vs. ignoring?

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What did you learn from the Improv sessions? How will you apply it in your everyday life?


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