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Conversation Skills

Feel comfortable talking to anyone.

Imagine the power of feeling confident speaking to any one. At any time. In any place. Imagine what you’ll  learn and the relationships you’ll develop.

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Why are Conversation Skills important?

The ability to confidently talk to other people is a priceless skill. It will open doors for you personally and professionally, and is a key gateway to a more enjoyable life.

The good news is that becoming a strong conversationalist and communicator is a learnable skill, even for shy introverts. Improving your conversation skills will pay dividends each and every day of your life.

Imagine having complete confidence when talking with classmates or answering questions at school. Or inspiring teammates on the athletic field. How about the confidence to ask someone on a date? Or persuade an employer to hire you? These skills can help you make or save money. Or they may help you do something as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face each day. 

Effectively handling and communicating with people is a rare and valuable skill. The people that learn do it have true power.

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Challenge #1

In a safe environment, engage someone you don't know in a conversation and offer 3 genuine compliments before the talk ends.

Challenge #2

Engage someone in a conversation. When they begin talking about something interesting, listen carefully. Then ask the most unique open ended question that you can. If they say something like: "great question", "no one has ever asked me that", or "I've never thought of that", then you are on the right track.

Challenge #3

Engage someone in a conversation that you normally wouldn't speak to. Ideally this is someone you don't know well.

Join the Conversation

Go out and have a conversation with a stranger. Tell us how you started and how it went.


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