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Developing Talent for the Game of Life

What is Goodwin Davis?

Think select team training, except the sport is life.

Select sports programs have perfected the formula for creating elite performers. What would happen if we used that model to help kids develop personal and professional life skills?

This is our attempt to find out.

Structure of Sports Training


Practicing Real World Skills

The Program Framework

Goodwin Davis offers multi-week training programs called “Sessions”. The topics of each session are customized for the team registered to train.

Teams generally consist of 6-10 players. Eligible players are kids between the ages of 10-18, who have been selected by Program Directors as a candidate for a team.

Teams will meet at least once per week in a designated location. Typically, it’s a meeting room in a local business or chamber of commerce. One or two Goodwin Davis facilitators lead each team practice. These are highly interactive events and require engagement and participation from each player.

At the end of practice, teams will create relevant challenges for each player to complete for the remainder of the week. Players will keep notes of what they’ve experienced and report back to the team throughout the week and at the next practice.

At the end of the session, the team will make a custom presentation for their parents and the community. Goodwin Davis will help players record their accomplishments and store them in an online portfolio. Facilitators, players, and parents will share their feedback on the newly completed session, and the next session will be scheduled.

Facilitators Lead Practice

Multi-Week Training Schedule

Project Presentation

Two-Way Evaluation and Feedback

Weekly Timeline

Emulating the success of the best sports programs, Goodwin Davis offers a structured approach to its training regimen.

Video Preview

One day in advance, players will watch a video that introduces the topic and key concepts for the next practice.


Team Practice

The team will meet for 90 minutes at a designated practice facility and get hands on with the topic of the day.


Small Daily Challenges

Players will individually complete small daily challenges relevant to the topics they’ve been exploring in practice.

Field Reports

Players will keep journals to record their progress. They’ll share and discuss the results with their team.


Core Fundamentals Preview Practices 2017

The next session begins in June and focuses on the core of talent development.

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Session 6

Built to Lead
Leadership Training (with David Deck, BTL Owner)

Growth Mindset
Mental Approach to Excel

Holistic Learning
Rapid Learning Techniques

Conversation Skills
Effective Communication

Deliberate Practice
Efficiently Develop Skills

Listening & Adapting Exercises

Team Choice
Three Mystery Options

Our members have a passion for learning and are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of mastery.

We help our kids develop the rare and valuable skills that most closely align with their interests.

Learning should be easy and fun. Only innovative methods of instruction can make that possible.

Mastery happens outside the classroom when kids discover skill sets worthy of practice.

You may not go pro in baseball, but you will go pro in life. Are you doing enough to prepare?

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