Goodwin Davis exists to help your kids lay the groundwork for a successful life that revolves around their personal interests and abilities. We’ve designed a series of sequential team training sessions to help your kids understand, develop, and multiply the value of their talents.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

– Lewis Carroll


The transition from inexperienced teen to confident adult is a slow, methodical journey. In our program, your kids will develop skills in the proper sequence. They will be built into their best future self.


Foundations & Framing

This is where all members begin. These sessions focus on rapid learning, developing soft skills, and optimizing the mind and body for peak performance. This stage provides the foundation and framework for lifelong talent development.  Est. Time: 2-3 Years



Foundational sessions are now active and open.


Rough Mechanics & Installations

Once members know who they are and how to apply the core fundamentals, they’ll choose areas of focus that best align with their interests. Experts will help members chart a path toward mastery and monitor their progress.  Est. Time: 2-5 Years



Members have not yet progressed to this stage.


Finish & Mastery

When mastery is in site for a member, domain experts will help them design an optimal life, capture value using their skills, and continue to pursue excellence in the field. The member is also invited to mentor younger members and guide their learning. Lifelong



Members have not yet progressed to this stage.


We place elite performers on teams that participate in these weekly activities:

Built to Lead

Who are you? What do you believe?  Do your actions back up your story? Exercises will help you discover your core beliefs and learn how to live in alignment with them. Life decisions are much easier when you have a strong core.

Skills Training

What critical abilities are teens missing? You’ll roleplay real-world scenarios with your team to develop core skills such as communication, design thinking, personal finance, habit formation, health optimization, and many others.

Independent Practice

The best way to improve a skill is through independent deliberate practice. With guided challenges, players try out their new skills in the real world and report back to their team. What did you learn? What will you do next time?


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Each stage in the Goodwin Davis program is broken down into a series of themed sessions. These sessions are designed to be experienced sequentially and lead to an outcome of deep self-understanding and mastery within a chosen area of expertise.



7 Person Teams

Select teams  (up to 7 players) participate in each session. Teams train together and may compete against other teams.


What Ages:

10-18 Years Old

The best teams have varying ages. The desire to learn and grow is the most important trait of a team member.


How Long:

12-16 Weeks

Sessions are scheduled like a sports season and span several weeks. The session topics determine the length.


How Often:

2 Weekly Practices

Adhering to our Session Framework, teams have 2 distinct practices each week, ranging from 60-90 minutes each.



Close to Home

Initial sessions take place in facilities located near each team. Locations are announced after teams are set.


What Happens:

Self-Discovery, Skill Practice, Challenges

Players learn about their core motivations, roleplay skill tactics, and complete weekly challenges.



Fixed Benchmark Goals

Facilitators set individual and team benchmarks for each session. These build upon each other for future development.


What's Else:

Lifetime Access, Portfolio

Players get lifetime access to session resources, a personal portfolio, and other special perks.

Player Information

Goodwin Davis is promoting independence and accountability for each player. The player, not the parents, is responsible for receiving Goodwin Davis communications. Please use the best email address and phone number that will help foster personal responsibility for the player.

Player 1 Contact Information

Player 1 School Information

Player 1 Aptitude

We want to know why this player would be a good candidate for the program. There are no right or wrong answers, so please be as candid as possible.

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