Learning the Art of Deliberate Practice

It’s where the best of the best
go to become better

Unlocking Their Superpowers

What’s possible when kids know who they are,
which dreams to pursue, and how to achieve greatness?

Skills Training for the Game of Life

Our kids are over committed in sports and activities that they are likely to abandon in their teens.
What if they could practice something today that would pay off everyday for the rest of their life?
This is that program.

Pilot Session - Now Open

The Pilot Session for Summer of 2017 is now live.

Current Weekly Challenges

Challenge #1

Practice the art of holistic learning.

Challenge #2

For this exercise you will find an article on any topic, and attempt to understand it by taking holistic learning notes.

Challenge #3

For this exercise you will find an video on any topic, and attempt to understand it by taking holistic learning notes.


It’s Important

Our kids are not making smooth transitions into adulthood. They are starting further behind than previous generations, and catching up is proving difficult. They risk missing the chance to live a rich and fulfilling life. We can reverse this trend and prepare them to take on the world.


It Works

The model is simple. Think soccer practice, batting cages, piano lessons, or karate. Instead of practicing sports or activities, our players develop practical skills that will help them design their future. While we may not go pro in our favorite sport, we all go pro in life. This is practice for that day.


It Delivers For You

We help kids find the compass to manage their own life, now and in the future. It’s not too early to teach kids the fundamentals of character and skill development. When they build these skills over time, the impact on their life will be dramatic. They’ll be in control of their destiny, and far ahead of their peers.

The Goodwin Davis Skill Development Trinity

Core Foundations

WHO are you

We begin by helping players discover who they are and what they believe. This is an essential foundation for all future development.

HOW to learn

Developing any skill takes time. There are frameworks and techniques to shrink practice time and improve the quality of the outcomes.

BASE skills

There are dozens of foundational skills necessary to begin developing specialty skills. We practice these to further optimize the efforts of our players.

BODY balance

Our bodies govern how effectively we develop. To take ourselves further we must understand how to manage our nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotions.

Elective Skills

GROWTH skills

Beyond the basic skills of developing talent, there is second tier of disciplines that pave the way for maturing as a person and heading toward mastery.


To amplify the value of hard skills, we help players become better people by improving communication, interpersonal skills, character development, and leadership.

CAREER skills

As players spend more time learning about themselves and developing core skills, potential career paths will become more apparent. They can explore skills within these disciplines to see what might fit.

FUN skills

We all deserve time for hobbies and fun. The frameworks from this program will also help players choose and develop their recreational skills more quickly.

Pursuit of Mastery

PRIMARY talent

Each player will pursue mastery in at least one discipline, blurring the line between work and play. Applying and Teaching that skill are part of ongoing development.

CORE beliefs

Players will continue to examine, refine, and live according to their core beliefs. These beliefs serve as a guide to live an increasingly more rich and fulfilling life.

OTHER talents

The fundamentals of skill development are the same for any discipline. Players will be equipped with the knowledge of what to pursue and how to achieve it efficiently.

Who is the Program For?

Kids (10-18) Who Want More

Many assume Goodwin Davis is only for good students. Not true. Grades and school success are completely irrelevant to our program. A good fit is any kid that is willing to try new things, move out of their comfort zone, and focus on personal growth and development.

Team Players

The ability to work with a team is critical at Goodwin Davis. Players must be supportive of each other and willing to help teammates grow and develop. Being part of a team is one of the greatest gifts in life, and we work hard to cultivate that experience.

Committed Families

This a program for families committed to the pursuit of excellence. Just like a select sports team, regular attendance and full effort is expected from players while in session. It’s crucial to their continued growth and that of their teammates.

Player Application

This application notifies Goodwin Davis that you are interested in the program for one or more of your children. Officials will review your application and notify you of opportunities to meet the team and explore whether there is a mutual fit to move forward.

Parent Information

Either parent may complete this form. Team communications and tryout notices will be sent to the individual listed below.