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Small daily improvements starting in the early teen years can lead to greater career achievement, lifetime income, and overall happiness. Every kid wants to grow up and have a wonderful life. But who is helping them plant seeds for a massive level of success? We are.


We’re parents. We want our kids to grow up doing valuable work that they love. We want them surrounded by exceptional friends and family and living a life full of meaning. In short, success.

We’re preparing them for that level of success right now. Our kids and yours.

Welcome to Goodwin Davis.


We asked ourselves if it’s possible for kids to achieve greatness. A quick glance at select sports, elite music and dance programs, spelling bees, cup stacking, chess- you name it – reveals a clear answer.

Yes, our kids can develop enormous talent.

The formula is always the same. They love an activity. They practice with a coach. They set goals and practice on their own. They play. They do it consistently over years and years enduring increasing levels of pain and sacrifice to reach each milestone. Eventually, they achieve greatness.

So what if we used these proven methods to help kids learn something new? Something with priceless value? What if we taught them how to master their life the same way we teach them to hit a baseball or play a sonata? What could that change?


Goodwin Davis prepares kids for a life full of achievement and happiness centered around a deep understanding of their own personal beliefs and values.


We place elite performers on teams that participate in these weekly activities:

Built to Lead

Who are you? What do you believe?  Do your actions back up your story? Exercises will help you discover your core beliefs and learn how to live in alignment with them. Life decisions are much easier when you have a strong core.

Skills Training

What critical abilities are teens missing? You’ll roleplay real-world scenarios with your team to help develop core skills such as communication, design thinking, personal finance, habit formation, health optimization, and many others.

Independent Practice

The best way to improve a skill is through independent deliberate practice. With guided challenges, players try out their new skills in the real world and report back to their team. What did you learn? What will you do next time?

The routine is just like soccer practice, dance class, or piano lessons. Only the game is life, and succeeding here can deliver immeasurable long-term payoffs.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. So we might as well start preparing earlier. It’s the best way reach higher peaks and sustain them for a longer period of time.

This is Goodwin Davis.


David Deck

David Deck

Owner, Built to Lead

More About David

David builds leaders of companies. His corporate program, Built To Lead, has shown remarkable adaptability for teens and will be an integral part of the core offerings of our program. When kids know who they are and what they believe, they can forge a clear path to happiness.

JJ Kirkpatrick

JJ Kirkpatrick

Program Director, Goodwin Davis

More About JJ

JJ is the founder of Goodwin Davis. He’s focused on creating a program that delivers massive long-term value for all participants. He believes we can help kids develop an arsenal of rare and valuable skills, which will give them the ability to design the exact life they want to lead.


Goodwin Davis is continuously researching the fields of elite performance and self-development. Our core beliefs are reinforced by the work of several top experts. Here are some texts that serve as inspiration to our framework.

Why Is This Important?

The Defining Decade

By Meg Jay, PhD

Dr. Jay demonstrates that the actions we take in our twenties disproportionately affect the rest of our lives. Therefore, we want our kids to practice making good decisions long before they get there.

Is This Really Possible?


By Carol Dweck, PhD

Carol Dweck has made a career out of demonstrating the power of the growth mindset. Those that adopt the growth mindset believe that any talent can be learned and developed with the enough time and practice.

How Does It Work?


By K. Anders Ericcson, PhD

Deliberate practice, a special type of practice, is the most effective way to develop elite performers in any field. Our kids learn how to do it in sustainable, scalable ways. It’s the cornerstone of our development framework.

What Can We Expect?

The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

With years of time and consistent dedication to the art of making tiny daily improvements, the results will compound and deliver the rewards of massive success. We help make this a habit for teens that pays off during their twenties.

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