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We believe our kids can live a happier, richer, more successful life if they begin mastering certain skills earlier. We build those skills into them now to amplify the level of success they can achieve over a lifetime.


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We believe our kids dramatically improve their future by becoming intentional about their life now. We’re carving a new path for teens by combining the best practices of long-proven models into a program that prepares them to be confident, happy, and successful for the rest of their life.

The Practice Model of Select Sports

Kids that play on select sports teams rapidly develop talent due to time invested, good coaching, and strong teammates.  We borrow the best practices of this model for our team training sessions.

The Time Investment of Music Lessons

Anyone can learn piano. To become good, it takes years of daily practice. Your abilities increase very slowly, but over time you’ll make huge gains. Mastery of any skill is developed this way.

The Level Advancement of Video Games

Video games are the perfect metaphor. You’re the main character in a game called life. You start with an objective and very few tools, but you “level up” and unlock abilities as long as you keep playing.


If you believe what we believe, it may be time for you to take the first step toward a brighter future.


The Compound Effect

THE COMPOUND EFFECT is a book written by the publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy. He describes how small incremental changes, gradually improved over time, can lead to profound differences in abilities and outcomes. Hardy uses real-world examples to...

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PEAK is a book about how expert performers reached the top. It's author, K. Anders Ericcson, has been studying these performers for decades and this book is the culmination of that research. He explains how we get better at skills, namely with purposeful deliberate...

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MINDSET is a book by renowned psychologist, Dr. Carol Dweck. She is the originator of Mindset Theory, which states that there are two distinct mindsets in the world: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset individual believes that our basic talents and abilities (i.e....

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