We develop a personalized curriculum for elite students in the St. Louis area. We introduce skills that aren’t taught in school but have measurable value in the real world.

Our kids work alongside the best of the best in pursuit of academic excellence.

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Fill the Gap

Students often leave school without a chance to develop real world skills. We help them fill in the gap.

Achieve Full Potential

A personalized approach to curriculum is the best way to help elite students reach their full potential.

Unlock Creativity

Creativity can be taught and improved.  We help our kids identify their natural creativity and harness its power.

Develop Social Skills

Regular school can feel isolating for elite students.  Learning is more fun when surrounded by academic peers.

“There’s a widening skills gap between what schools are teaching and what the economy needs.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

“Creativity, now, is as important in education as literacy.

-Sir Ken Robinson

“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what schools do.”

-Daniel H. Pink

What is it?

Experiential Learning

Skills kids need in the real world, but aren’t taught in school. Delivered with fun, memorable, and engaging methods.

Talented Students

We work with middle school and high school students who have a burning desire to learn and are willing to work hard.

After School Program

Like sports, our programs take place outside of school on evenings, weekends, and during the summer.

Your Community

We come to you. Our programs can take place in schools, community centers, parks, and local businesses.

Expert Instruction

Experts work with our instructors to design interactive sessions that help our kids learn skills more effectively.

St. Louis, MO

In-person programs are offered locally to teens in the St. Louis metro area. They’ll help the community thrive and grow.

Personalized Education

We’re all unique. We have different interests, strengths, and weaknesses. What if we educated our kids with that in mind? What do they want to learn? What do they want to do with that knowledge? These are the questions that Goodwin Davis helps each individual answer.

We help design a personalized curriculum and learning plan for each member. They can turn their teen years into a pursuit of mastery. Imagine the advantages they’ll experience in college and beyond.

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Select Sports Model

The Select Sports model may be the ideal way to develop talent. Instead of soccer or baseball, our “sport” is education and our “players” are exceptional students.

Everything in the club sports model maps perfectly to an extra-curricular education program. There are camps to introduce new materials. Teams are formed. Coaches drive performance through regular practice. We even play games and compete against other teams.

Select baseball programs want their kids to play in the majors. We want our kids to “go pro” in exciting jobs.

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